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Air Duct Cleaning - Concord NC

Why you need your ducts cleaned

Over 50% of all illnesses are due to lack of having your HVAC system cleaned. You might ask what is in my ducts? Common pollutants in the normal household can include dust, mold, spiders, insects, rodent feces, pollen and more! Ever time your system is blowing it is blowing these throughout your house. This is what you breath in and they will end up on your furniture, even in your food.

Energy Savings in Concord NC

Having your air ducts cleaned not only is a huge health benefit but our customers on average save 15-30% on their heating and cooling bills. According to the United States Department of Energy 25-40% of a home's total energy bill is due to wasted energy. This is due to accumulated dust and debris in your HVAC system that causes your system to work harder. Having our service will save you money every month on energy bills. At Five Star Duct Cleaning we will seal any minor leaks (results in less energy consumption)we find on the job in result saving you money.

Having our service done semi-annually an reduce your utility bill by as much as $35.00 per month, improve humidity control and reduce running time according to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

By simply cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system yearly or every other year (your dryer vent, too) can significantly reduce house dust and vanish microbial contamination in your duct work. If you have allergies or are sensitive to living in very high humidity environments suchs as the triad it is recomended that your have your ducts cleaned and sanitized every 6 months. Having this done will help reduce your allergy and ashma symptoms.

Five Star Duct Cleaning provides air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and other services in the following cities/towns:
In the Triangle: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, Wake Forest
In the Triad: Burlington, Mebane, Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point, Kernersville
South Piedmont: Charlotte, Concord, Salisbury

Indoor Air Quality in Concord NC

A clean HVAC system is important to the health and well-being of you and your family members. Keeping a clean HVAC system means cleaner air circulating through the home. The outdoor unit pushes air to the indoor unit for purification and circulation. If the system is not cleaned on a regular basis, those outdoor allergens, combined with the indoor dust and allergens, can be unhealthy and may cause problems such as respiratory infections. With time, if filters and other components of the HVAC system are left unattended, mold can form in the ducts causing numerous health issues.

The solution for clean air in your Concord home

Here at Five Star Duct Cleaning we use the best technology for having your air ducts cleaned. Our revolutionary RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning System uses our powerful vacuum pulling over 3000 CFM of air to extract more debris from your ductwork. The ClearView technology allows you to actually see the debris as it is being extracted. The videos below show the system in action.

Ram Air is the most effective system to date, as well as being the first system ever created that allows the homeowner to actually see all of the dust and debris that is being removed from the with the clear viewing port. The duct cleaning process, Ram Air, allows for state-of-the-art forced air cleaning with no mess or debris and it won’t harm duct surfaces. Indoor air pollution is a serious health hazard affecting millions of Americans. Air ducts can become littered with years of accumulated dirt debris, Common household pollutants include dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, rodent feces and insect remains. How Clean Is The Air You Breathe? So call us today, relax and a take Five Star Duct Cleaning!

New homes and remodeling in Concord NC

Many people don't know that in or remodeled homes can have clogged systems due to construction dust and debris. This can not only reduce your HVAC system's performance, but also damage it. Standard filters have a lower rate of effectiveness, as low as 10-20% because they are not changed as often as they should be. These filters must be changed every one to two months and electronic air cleaners should be washed once a month. If you have performed recent construction on your home or have someone more sensitive to dust and allergens, both should be maintained more often.

A/C Air Duct Cleaning Concord NC

A/C Air Duct Cleaning Concord NC

A/C Air Duct Cleaning Concord NC
A/C Air Duct Cleaning Concord NC
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